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King defined a generation. His bluegrass was bluer than any others, and signature his hip swing... oh my! But the life of a king made him soft, and his songs weren't as hip anymore. He now lives with his mother (who drives him nuts), hopes that people will recognize him in the streets (they don't), and lays about the house (he doesn't want to, but can he help it? Nope.) all day. He's getting close, though. To pushing back against his own hedonism. The King will return, baby.

  • Likes: Old time fans, gold ornaments
  • Dislikes: New trends, living with his mom, missing the old times
  • Aspiration: To get back to his station
  • Fun Fact: Has a hair gel program subscription



An Abbess, blessed with visions of a miraculous Light, leads a pre-ordained monastic life. Destined to live out her life eating terrible abbey food, she immersed herself in composing hymns, the only thing that can keep her mind off her ever-rumbling stomach, hoping that, someday, a miracle would change the “food” into something edible.

  • Likes: Gospel chants, meditation, composing, street food, deep frying, beer
  • Dislikes: The abbeys food, the abbey's seasoning, the abbey's cutlery, hard eggs
  • Aspiration: Being granted access to her favorite street food — in order to better devote herself to her higher calling, of course...
  • Fun Fact: Invents new Takoyaki recipes in her spare time



A flute player by heart who woke up one day to find that he had fled to the woods in a maddened rage after his highly trained ears could no longer stand the sounds of the city. Even the car horns were out of tune, and his own flute felt like nothing but a steel pipe. But among the trees he found his peace. In time, he could hear the sound of his own crops as they grew.

  • Likes: Nature, silence, the feel of damp earth on his hands
  • Dislikes: Loud noises, frantic lifestyles
  • Aspiration: To take the sounds of the forest to the chaos of the city
  • Fun Fact: Ate tree bark for three days after waking up in the forest. Still eats it occasionally



A budding star busy stocking shelves for her dad's supermarket during the day and sharing her musical talent when she can find the time. Cleaning on aisle five? She's there. Packaging stuff? She's the fastest. What about taking a break? That's when she gets her guitar and starts strumming. Everybody (even the Karens!) stops to have a listen.

  • Likes: The smell of her guitar, coffee breaks, her dad
  • Dislikes: Aisle four (has a funky smell), Karens
  • Aspiration: To earn recognition
  • Fun Fact: Wakes up at five in the morning to get her hair just the way she likes it



A motorcycle aficionado, who could never get a job in any biker shops, as his ideas were considered a bit too... wild for regular customers. I mean, who DIDN'T want a 200hp increase to their chopper? They just didn't get it. He spends his days daydreaming of his chopper and singing its tunes on all the roads of the world.

  • Likes: Engines, loud noises, long roads
  • Dislikes: Silence, bugs, his squeaky office chair
  • Aspiration: To go on the road trip of his dreams, becoming an entity of the roads
  • Fun Fact: His last bike design was banned in 67 countries and can only be found in very obscure websites



A spaceman from a small moon where everyone wears grey suits and rock was outlawed a long time ago. Wandering the galaxy, he came across Earth and the most melodious of sounds: cow moos. He's been collecting cows ever since. So far, he managed to abduct five: Butterbutt, Pancake, White Duke, Spare Tire, and Anvil. He's been searching for the Great White Cow, the bovine with the perfect moo, who has eluded him time and time again.

  • Likes: Cows, experimental rock, practical jokes, staying up all night
  • Dislikes: Old fashioned ways, washed out colors, ducks
  • Aspiration: To finally catch the Great White Cow and record the Moosic of his dreams
  • Fun Fact: In a cruel twist of fate, he happens to be lactose intolerant



Tophat never met his parents, but never wanted for love: his grandmother made sure of that. They never had much, but they had each other. While Granny fought to make ends meet as a seamstress, he did... anything he could get his hands on. The top hat? Yea not really a top hat, but that’s what he calls it anyway. Earned him his nickname. It keeps the dust off his eyes, man. It hides the tears, man. Of course, there was time for a little samba here and there.

  • Likes: Drinking shots, schemes, dreaming, samba, Granny
  • Dislikes: His day job
  • Aspiration: To throw the biggest birthday party ever to the woman he owes everything to
  • Fun Fact: His calloused hands are very, very deft... especially when handling dice



If you could define Queen in one word, that would be style. And Queen can't help herself wanting to make others look their best, too. She knows how to help make people shine just right. Bringing out the beauty in her clients makes her so happy that she can sing. And she can really sing. She started a video channel to reach more people, which was a sure way to get faced with the meanest, toughest, coldest and most indifferent foe ever met... The Algorithm.

  • Likes: Beauty treatments, people's natural beauty, gossiping
  • Dislikes: Mass produced products, fake treatments
  • Aspiration: To make people feel better about themselves
  • Fun Fact: Washes her face with regular tap water everyday, looks younger than she actually is



Ollie is an awesome skater. His bars were super-hot fire and rappers around the world started to make sure to put respect on his name. But Ollie was tricked into signing a non-escapable contract that forced him to work long, soul-numbing hours that took him away from his passions. What he did openly with his skateboard and mic must now be done in hiding. It was this rebellious spirit that caught the attention of the God of Rock.

  • Likes: Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, rhymes, caps, freedom
  • Dislikes: Authority, trickery, music that has nothing to say
  • Aspiration: To become a great skater
  • Fun Fact: Constructed his own skateboard



Champ is a star AND a hunk. A mere wink from his almond eyes will melt most hearts. The few who resist? His baritone voice always finishes the job. He basks in the glory of meeting his fans at every single one of his theatre performances. So what if he's a little egotistical and full of himself? He's earned it! And he can't stand the idea of not being loved by EVERYONE. I mean... just look at him! How could ANYONE not like him?!

  • Likes: His fans, his face, animals, his voice, playing challenging characters, his pecs
  • Dislikes: Bugs, tough crowds, stage fright
  • Aspiration: To be loved by EVERYONE
  • Fun Fact: Has never had a pet



Lyn is a free spirit. When she wants to sing, she sings. When she wants to drop her job and go backpacking, she just does it. These days, she's just happy to sell her... decidedly weird…art by the beach, making up little jingles to attract people. And the people need it because everyone's stressed out. That's no way to live, man.

  • Likes: Seafood, certain substances that shall remain unnamed, coconuts, travelling, sleeping
  • Dislikes: Being on the clock, stress, stressed people, doing dishes
  • Aspiration: She just wants people to chill out
  • Fun Fact: Cooks some mean brownies



Did you know some comic books authors only get to sleep around two hours a day to keep up with deadlines? That's Edith's whole life. She just wanted to make a unique bande dessinée comic strip about a musical band that travels on a blue van with a pet bat. The biggest attraction point is that she even composes their songs, which are always a hit! Now her hands are completely calloused, she barely sleeps and the deadlines never end.

  • Likes: Comics, manga, sleeping
  • Dislikes: The crushing weight of approaching deadlines
  • Aspiration: To sleep a full eight hours once more
  • Fun Fact: Her hands are very calloused, so she hits pretty hard